Azure IoT Central repeated metrics in NDATA payloads


I have an application that pushes Datasets to Azure IoT Central. I understand the fact that Datasets are immutable so if any one of the values in the Dataset changes the whole dataset would be published again, however in my case I’m seeing in the same published message 3 identical metrics from the same dataset that has exactly the same values including the timestamp. I’ve seen sometimes a slight difference in the milliseconds but mostly it is all the same. See example below. Is there any configuration that I’m unaware that should prevent this or this is expected behavior?

This is an issue we recently discovered and fixed. It is currently fixed in the nightly build here: Nightly Module Builds - MQTT Modules for Ignition 8.x - Confluence. The fix will also be included in the 4.0.21 release of the module later this month.

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Thanks @wes.johnson. I will check this version out.