Amount of tags in one MQTT message?

Hi there,
I noticed that in some of your videos you mention that the MQTT Transmission module supports packaging of tag changes into a single message. You mention that the message can hold up to 500 tag changes.
Is this a hard limit or is it something that can be adjusted?
I can see that the option Tag Pacing Period under the transmitter settings is used to set how many ms it should wait before publishing any new tag changes. What happens if the amount of tag changes exceed the 500 limit within the Tag Pacing Period? Is the remaining tag changes added to an additional message and send right after the first one? or will a new Tag Pacing Period start and send the remaining values after that period?
There is not much information about this limit in the documentation. It could be nice if that was highlighted somewhere.


There is no artificial limit on the number of tag changes that can be packed into a single MQTT message. The only limit that I’m aware of is the 256MB limit on MQTT message size (as defined in the MQTT spec). MQTT Transmission will pack all of the tag changes that occur within the Tag Pacing Period into a single message.

Also, if you can let me know which video mentions the 500 tag change constraint, I can look into correcting it. Thanks.