Versioning best practice


If we have a client that has an Ignition server running Dist and Eng modules and a bunch of sites running Ignition edge and Trans module. What will be the best way to handle any new sites (e.g. every 6 months).

We have client running Ignition GW in the cloud with the Dist and Eng modules installed. They have an exisiting site with Ingition Edge and Trans module installed. Now we would like to add a new site with Ignition Edge + Trans module. If we were to update GW+Dist+Eng to newest firmware, can we still leave the existing sites on their current Ignition Edge + Trans versions? Or will we need to update every site everytime we update Ignition + modules on the cloud side?

The versions do not have to be the same. Both sides implement Sparkplug B so they do not have to remain on the same module version. However, as with any software upgrades may be required. The Ignition gateway network and the EAM module may be helpful in this regard.

Thanks for the info, I’ll take a look at the mentioned modules