Setting up ignition to create assets and models on aws sitewise

I want to create models and assets on sitewise using ignition and iot sitewise bridge. I have already created sitewise bridge instance and its connected to iot core (mqtt broker). I also created policy and thing on iot core. Now coming to ignition setup, i have created mqtt engine and added my iot core endpoint there, and the server shows connected too, i even created a mqtt server in mqtt transmission module and added my iot core end point there as well (it shows connected too). Now i have a opc ua server which i connected to ignition client and now i am able to get data from the opc ua as i dragged that folder structure in ignition designer (in default). Now these UDT’s and instances and tags are visible in mqtt engine as well. but when i check on sitewise, these models and assets are not getting created and after approx 7-8 hours, the model and assets get created out of no where, but it does not have real time data , as in the measurements (tags in ignition) value does not get updated. I want the models and assets to be created and the values of measurements to be updated right after i create it in ignition.

Any help regarding this would be highly appreciated. Thank you

I think you worked with Arlen today to work past this but wanted to make sure. As I understand it, there were some changes to UDTs at the Edge that were not being reflected in AWS SiteWise. When manual changes are made to UDT definitions at the Edge, the corresponding Models and Assets must be manually deleted from SiteWise so the new structure can be learned.

This is also why we recommend using version numbers in UDT names. For example, the UDT ‘Motor’ could be called ‘MotorV1’ or something similar. That way, the modified UDT ‘MotorV2’ would not collide with MotorV1 and both could co-exist in SiteWise.

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Yes Arlen sir, helped me resolve the issue and i have been creating models and assets on Sitewise seamlessly. Yes Arlen sir gave me similar advice. Thanks for responding, means a lot